Saturday, January 26, 2008

There Will Be Blood: D

there will be blood, originally uploaded by idealterna.

I'm trying to see more of the Oscar nominated films, so I dragged Scott to There Will Be Blood. Within the first few moments, I knew it was a mistake to bring Scott. He has never let me live down 2005's Capote which I liked, but Scott thought was long and boring. Blood is nothing but long, slow, moody scenes with an annoying soundtrack.

I think I'm a good sport and am always willing to give a movie a chance to tell its story, but I really see no point in this movie's story. Yes, Daniel Day-Lewis does a great job portraying a bipolar, alcoholic, sociopath with few redeeming characteristics. And yes, the cinematography and setting were well done. However, none of the characters were sympathetic and the story was obvious and unoriginal. I left just feeling the movie was a waste of time.

There was an obvious compare and contrast between Lewis' oilman character and a young pentacostal preacher. Both men evangelized their audiences for their own self-serving goals. And there was some much needed humorous moments when the oilman and preacher each find themselves needing the others' support at certain points in their lives. However, i can't really say that was interesting enough to salvage this film.

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