Monday, January 28, 2008

snow! -- kind of

This morning, the local news is claiming we're in a major snow storm. Schools are closed or are opening late. There are traffic problems, etc. Unfortunately, inner-Portland is usually that last place to snow. There is no visible snow from our window, traffic is fine, and no signs of ice. So Scott and I are having time sympathizing with the snow-storm-2008 news coverage.

Yesterday, Scott and I found snow not far from Portland in the Columbia River Gorge. Here is the Vista House at Crown Point as seen from the Women's Forum viewpoint:

IMG_6108.JPG, originally uploaded by sweber4507.

The entrance to the Menucha retreat was also very beautiful:

IMG_6180 copy.jpg, originally uploaded by sweber4507.

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CrackerLilo said...

*smiles* Yeah, last year we had a "blizzard" in NYC that wasn't. To my Florida-raised eye, it sure looked like one, but my Siberia-raised wife didn't seem impressed at *all*. (It takes a lot, as you may guess.) Neither were any longtime New Yorkers. It's always a good excuse to stay home and cuddle, though!