Sunday, January 13, 2008

US Dem primaries, OR gay setback, PDX council

There are so many blogs devoted to politics that I don't feel the need to add to the clammer. Here are the top political races that are on my mind:


Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama (by Evan Vucci/AP), originally uploaded by Stijn Vogels.

Oregon's Democratic primary is fourth to last (May 20), so it's likely the nominee will be decided by the time I vote. Compared to Bush Jr. and the Republican candidates, all of the Democratic candidates are preferable. I have to admit that my enthusiasm for a candidate has changed with the primaries. Unlike the 2004 in which I went from a excited Dean supporter to a reluctant Kerry supporter, I can see myself supporting any of the three Democratic front runners. Right now, my order of preference is Clinton>Obama>Edwards. A Clinton-Obama campaign would be my dream ticket.

Oregon Gays Domestic Partnerships Unexpectedly Delayed

On Friday, December 28, 2007, anti-gay groups succeeded in delaying Oregon's domestic partnership law that was to take effect on Wednesday, January 2, 2008. A federal judge issued an injunction delaying the law until February 1. Basic Rights Oregon has a timeline of the case, Lemons v. Bradbury. Amazingly, the judge ruled that anti-gay groups would be harmed if the gays had domestic partnerships.

There are interesting legal issues involved in the case. Anti-gay groups argue that signing a petition is a fundamental right like voting. I support the petition system, but signing a petition on a street corner with a private, paid signature gatherer is not the same as submitting a ballot to the election office.

Portland Council

Three of the five city council positions are open. Sam Adams is likely to be our next mayor. I haven't heard any reason why I should or shouldn't vote for him and no other prominent local politicians are running for the office. Businessman Sho Dozono recently announced his campaign, but even he seems like a reluctant candidate.

So far, I've heard prior council candidates Amanda Fritz and Nick Fish are running both of whom I could support.

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It's Sho Time said...

Regarding the question of Mayor's race in Portland,I am the Candidate who's committment for the race is being questioned.My name is Sho Dozono and I am running and I intend on winning. I have been astrong advocate for Gay rights for more than 30 years. I have worked to defeat the last three anti-Gay State ballot measure. I served on the Governor's Task Force on Equality that recommended the two measures that were to be enacted into Law on Jan.2. One measure that is being contested in the Courts. I have been a proud redipiant of two awards one from Basic Rights of Oregon and the other from The Equity Foundation.
I am absolutely committed to this race--I am running as a Voter Owned Election Candidate. Iam told that when I win,I will be the first VOE elected Mayor of a large city. I would ask the person who wrote the Blog to contact me so that the person will know first hand my committment to win. Thank you. Sho Dozono--future Mayor of Portland