Monday, February 4, 2008

rant: KGW finds weird angle to OR domestic partnerships

Woo-hoo, Oregon's domestic partnership law is effective today! It's a somewhat anticlimatic event since Oregon gays and lesbians were supposed to have this civil right a month ago. Also the legal and political battle for recognition of gay unions has been an ongoing story since 2003, so I don't blame KGW-TV for trying to find a new angle to the story. However, the story KGW reported on their 10 and 11 PM newscasts featured two spinster women friends who are entering a domestic partnership simply for the benefits.

The friends and business partners admitted that they were exploiting the DP law, but explained that they felt entitled to the civil right as well. Of course heterosexuals have exploited marriage more than same-sex couple ever will. I have heard of similar problem of straights marrying US service members just for the military spouse benefits.

I'm disappointed that KGW decided to profile a non-representative couple on what otherwise should be a joyous day for loving couples that have long waited for state-recognition. hasn't posted the story yet, but I'll update the link later.

(02/05/2008 8:10 AM: Re-worded my rambling. has not posted any articles on their story last night.)

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