Monday, February 18, 2008

Sukkar banat aka Caramel: C

Sukkar banat aka Caramel

Scott and I joined Tammam to watch the French-Lebanese chick flick Caramel yesterday. It's about five women at a beauty salon and their pursuit of romantic interests at the fringes of cultural acceptance. The shop owner pursues a married man while ignoring the attention of the local cop; an old neigboring seamstress deals with her burden of carrying for her senile relative and the advances of suitor; an engaged shop worker worries about how to hide her non-virgin status from her husband; a divorced older woman seeks modeling/acting roles while taking desperate measures to maintain an illusion of youth; and a tom boy shop worker is pursued by a beautiful patron.

Admittedly, I probably would not be interested in seeing this movie if it were about an American beauty salon. However, it is interesting seeing a slice of life portrayed in an international movie. The ending of the movie was a little unsatisfying, but realistic.

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