Tuesday, April 15, 2008

bring back Starbucks' boobies!!!

Anyone who has visited the original Starbucks store at Seattle's Pike Place Market knows the surprise of seeing Starbucks' original, topless, logo:

Bifurcated Starbucks Siren, originally uploaded by majorbonnet.

So it was exciting to see Starbucks launch their Pike Place Roast last week with the old logo -- but it's not the old logo!!! It has been censored:

What can brown do for you?, originally uploaded by chrisphoto.

Are 'merican consumers so supposedly puritan that they can't handle the sight of historical boobies? The seemingly soul-less corporate giant seems to think so. There's an interesting blog about the various incarnations of the logo change.

Ironically, a friend mentioned that Pike Place Market prohibits corporate chain stores, so the corporate giant's original store probably would not be able to lease space unless it had been grandfathered-in. It's also one of the market's top tourist attractions now.

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