Friday, April 4, 2008

Bush Jr's Dept. of Justice: Lesbian "worse than being a Democrat"


As pointed out in this week's This American Life, the Bush Jr. Administration's auducity is unbelievable. On Wednesday, NPR broke the story that a highly respected Department of Justice lawyer and loyal Republican may have fired for being a suspected lesbian.

. . . 'Even Worse Than Being a Democrat'

[Infamous Monica] Goodling's conversation with [Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA)] focused on whether Republican Party loyalty factored into her hiring decisions. But by all accounts, Hagen was a GOP loyalist.

So, what was Goodling's problem with Hagen?

The Justice Department's inspector general is looking into whether Hagen was dismissed after a rumor reached Goodling that Hagen is a lesbian.

As one Republican source put it, "To some people, that's even worse than being a Democrat."

Also, This American Life spotlighted a relatively obscure international dispute involving the DOJ attempting to fire another loyal Bush supporter for observing a US treaty (

Sometimes, I really do want to give conservative Republicans the benefit of doubt and believe these really are fair-minded people who happen to have a different perspective. However, it's amazing that so few Republicans are willing to speak out and save their party of the corruption and disaster of the Bush Jr. Administration.

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