Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

One of Scott's photos:

IMG_9132.jpg, originally uploaded by sweber4507.

Scott taking photos of each yellow tulip in the field:

Ideal: Enjoy a nice, sunny spring day stolling through a tulip farm.
Reality: Sit in a two-mile bumper-to-bumper line of cars, wait in a nearly as long port-a-potty line, walk into a crowded farm's smelly tulip field, and try to ignore the TWO annoying helicopters lowly circling the small tulip field.

Yesterday, ma, Scott and I decided to enjoy one of the first, bright, sunny spring Saturdays by going to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. Scott and I visited this farm last year, but we were too early. This year, we came on the first Saturday the fields were in full bloom.

We actually had a nice time, but it was just a little too crowded and sunny.

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