Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day weekend '08

Scott, ma, and I continued our Memorial Day weekend tradition of spending the weekend at the coast. We stayed at the Trollers Lodge in Depoe Bay.

The forecast for the weekend was grey and possible showers, so we did not have hopes of a great weather. However, the weather was beautiful when we arrived. After lunch on the Newport Bayfront, we returned to Heceta Head State Park to catch the sunset. The sky was so grey when we arrived, we had doubts the sunset would be visible. However, there was an amazing break in the horizon just fifteen minutes from sunset.


052408_20231.jpg 052408_20191.jpg

On Sunday, we had breakfast at the Sea Hag in Depoe Bay and then explored the tide pools at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and Strawberry Hill Wayside. On the way back, we had a great dinner at Local Ocean Seafood on the Newport Bayfront. Scott and I then hiked the Newport jetty. The jetty started-off an easy walk on a gravel trail, but the gravel gradually turned into large rocks and then boulders. Although I wanted to finish the jetty, it seemed a little too dangerous and tiring.

Scott on Newport jetty

Today, we watched the Depoe Bay Fleet of Flowers before heading back to Portland -- and the Spirit Mountain Casino buffet.

fleet of flowers

I'll post Scott's pictures as soon as they're up.

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