Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oregon "Christian" Voter's Guide*

I admit it. I love looking at what "they" think. You know, the anti-gay, politically/socially conservative Christianists extremists. And yet they're a little hard to find on the internet. The infamous Oregon Citizens Alliance disappeared since its peak in the 1990s when it managed to get Sen. John McCain to speak at its fundraiser. The Oregon Christian Coalition no longer maintains its domain,, (see: since its leader fled the country after child sex abuse allegations.

Even active right-wing groups don't seem to maintain their websites that often. Oregon Right To Life doesn't mention anything about the 2008 election and the Multnomah County Republicans only recently figured out how to post their endorsements (after blogger BoJack posted their endorsements apparently out of pity). I was even more suprised that the Oregon Family Council which successfully passed the anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment in 2004 did not have a voter's guide up when the ballots were mailed out last week. Instead, they require voters to request a copy to be mailed (?!?). Maybe they plan on selling the mailing list?.

Maybe Karl Rove is right. Maybe political and social conservatives are only motivated to vote when there is an anti-gay issue to vote for. Apparently, opposing gay people is the only issue that unites conservatives. Certainly, helping the sick, the poor, the vulnerable, and fighting for peace don't seem to motivate supposedly "Christian values" voters.


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* 05/15/2008 REVISED grammar, typos, and added a sentence.


Anonymous said...

Is the use of Churches to distribute the "Christian Voter's Guide" a violation of Chuch and State?

Anonymous said...

No, the coalition's guide is very clear that they are simply stating an opinion, not ordering Christians to vote one way.