Thursday, September 7, 2006

AICN has Star Trek: SE promotional clip

Merrick at Ain't It Cool News has a clip from the new Star Trek: Special Edition remastered episodes. ST:SE will replace the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes that are still in syndication. I wonder if G4 will still run its Star Trek episodes?

The clip appears to be promotional footage which compares the quality of the old versions versus the new HD, remastered versions. The SE footage is much clearer. One thing that I noticed right away was the greasy make-up technique. Apparently in the 1960s, Shatner's shiny face was suppose to look healthy.

Apparently last week's announcement was a such well-kept secret because Paramount only recently made the decision to remaster the episodes. Merrick previously reported that Viacom/Paramount/CBS is using their in-house CG department to remaster the episodes. Now, there are concerns how can the studio keep up the one episode per week pace and whether the quality will be sacrificed. Although everyone understands this is business decision, you think they would be careful not to screw-up the series that's given them 40 years of re-run income.

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