Wednesday, September 20, 2006

McBreakfast All Day? / Coffee People sells out, again

Although I may have to turn in my WalMart-hating, blue state, gay, liberal/progressive Democrat credentials, I will admit that I do like Egg McMuffins. However, McDonald's only serves breakfast in the morning which doesn't fit into my usual breakfast at 1:00 PM weekend schedule. However, according to Fox"News", McDs may actually give-in to customer demands and serve breakfast all day. Unfortunately, McDonald's corporate-speak is about as appetizing as nawing on a circuit board:

Speaking at the Bank of America 36th Annual Investment Conference in San Francisco, McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner said the company was implementing a new restaurant operating system that would finally make selling breakfast all day possible.

"It's not compatible with our current operating system," Skinner said about offering its breakfast menu all day. "But with this system, that could be possible."

The so-called flexible operating platform will make McDonald's food preparation processes more transparent to customers and "offer more variety with greater ease," Skinner said.

"Restaurant operating system"? Mmm-mmm good! Now, if only they can do something about the excessive calories and indigestion their operating system produces.

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Coffee People Sells Out to Starbucks

In what was inevitable, Coffee People has finally sold out to Starbucks. In the 90s, I was a loyal Coffee People customer. Coffee People tried to distinguish itself from Starbucks by promising to keep its pricing lower than the 'other big espresso shops' and discouraging use of the ridiculous venti, grande, tall terminology. The Coffee People I frequented was decorated with large photos of bean farmers and promoted its social responsibility long before Starbucks was forced to answer such criticism.

In 1999, the couple that founded and operated Coffee People sold it to an out-of-state corporation, Diedrich Coffee. The hope was that Coffee People could retain its identity and survive by merging with the second largest coffee chain. However, Coffee People seemed to struggle since the 90s. The memorable stores at Lloyd Center, NW 23rd, and Hawthorne have all since closed, so it was inevitable that Starbucks would swoop in and finish the job.

Not that I think Starbucks is a horrible company. In fact, it deserves credit for leading the espresso trend (lifestyle?) and although it's still a corporation -- it could be much worse. What I dislike about Starbucks is its tactics of targeting local stores and it's limited menu. No, I won't forgive Starbucks for closing my favorite ma and pa breakfast/lunch counter and or taking Irish Creme syrup off their menu. But I will probably go in and order my usual 16 ounce, non-fat, Irish latte. Why? Because I'm a consumer whore like everyone else.

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CrackerLilo said...

It pisses me off that here in NYC, people will patronize Starbucks (and make me go get it.)

L'Ailee and I patronize a locally-owned coffee shop and are proud to do so. We hope to have that option for a while.

And I always insist on smalls, mediums, and larges at Starbucks when I order for others. I'm paying enough; I don't have to talk like an idiot to get coffee, too.