Sunday, September 10, 2006

Mt. Angel and St. Paul, OR

Scott having one of his beautiful buildings picture orgasms in front of St. Mary Parish in Mt. Angel
Scott desecrating graves at Mt. Angel cemetary (haha).
Political grave marker at Mt. Angel cemetary: "In loving memory of all the precious babies lost through abortions". Are those aborted lambs?
Scott taking even more church pictures this time in front of St. Paul Church.

What was originally intended to be trip hiking trip at Silver Falls turned into a tour of two small Oregon towns with Catholic church beginnings.

The St. Mary Parish in Mt. Angel was very impressive. Although Mt. Angel strives to maintain a German village image, it is interesting that much of the town is Latino. Even the church's sign welcomes worshippers in English, German, and Spanish.

Since we ended up on a church photo binge, we drove the 20 miles west to St. Paul which is even smaller. The St. Paul Church is perfectly aligned at the center of town in a meticulous kept park setting.

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