Sunday, September 24, 2006

Elton John!!!

Elton John Concert

Just got back from Elton John's concert at the Rose Garden. It was terrific! I was a little concerned that he would pull a diva and have a long opening act and a short 40-minute concert. But there was no opening act. He just came out started playing almost three hours worth of songs. He did all the favorites and a couple from his new album, The Captain and The Kid, which I got yesterday. He ended with Bitch and after he milked the encore ovation by signing autographs he closed with Don't Let the Sun Go Down(?) and he dedicated Your Song to us (although I didn't hear him say "Portland", so he may not have known what city he was in). Either way, it was an incredible concert.

Scott was a great sport. I know he's not a fan of pop music, but he accompanied me anyway. He was happy the only song he familiar with Your Song was finally played.

We ran into his co-workers at the concert who seemed to have reluctantly got free tickets through work -- whereas I excitedly paid for mine months ago (like the old queen I'm becoming).

Also, Tammam texted me and said he was there too. He didn't mention that he was going when we mentioned during brunch today, so I assume he got tickets from someone.

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