Tuesday, September 19, 2006

TDS: Tangled Up In Bleu

Hilarious segment from last night's The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Anti-gay activist/Family "Research" Institute chairman Dr. Paul Cameron fails miserably in defending the US military's anti-gay policy. Humor aside, TDS once again exposes ridiculous conservative, right-wing ideology that even undermines the nation's security.

YouTube upload by Good As You. Official version available at Comedy Central's Motherload.

Favorite line:

Jason Jones, TDS Correspondent: "I know I would rather die in a terrorist attack than suffer through an uncomfortable shower with a gay. Know what I'm saying?"

Dr. Cameron: (speechless) "Yes."

(Hat tip: ExGay Watch)


CrackerLilo said...

Honestly, with the shower/terrorist comment, I thought for a hot second that Paul Cameron was beginning to finally get it! He took care of it soon enough, though.

I loved this even more than the baby-panda-attack video, and you know that's saying a *lot*. :-)

Norm! said...

Baby panda attack video?