Friday, June 15, 2007

Body Worlds 3: meh.

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Scott, Sheena and I saw Body Worlds 3 at OMSI this evening. Sheena raved about a similar exhibit she saw in Europe a few years ago. We almost took a day trip last fall to see Bodies The Exhibition in Seattle, but we got sick the day we had planned on going. So I've been looking forward to finally seeing this exhibit.

It is an interesting exhibit. The bodies are displayed in very artful poses and there are some amazing displays of human and animal anatomy. However, the posed anatomy became a little monotomous after a while. I suppose if I worked or studied in the health field, it may have been a little more interesting. In the line, I noticed there was a guy in scrubs who was buying a ticket.

Sheena was disappointed that there were not more "freak show" bodies like the exhibit she saw in Germany. She has a good point. The obese person cross section, stroke brain cross section, and the smokers' lungs were definitely the most interesting to me. If anything, there were too many beautiful, athletic bodies posed. There is something dramatic about seeing what happens when the body goes wrong.

I'm glad I went to the exhibit. It was definitely worth seeing, but I hope another more interesting exhibit comes to town.

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