Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm not a dog person

Scott with Molly.jpg




I'm a cat person. I don't own a cat now, but I was raised with kitties and enjoy Scott's cats (see his Flickr). Since I've never owned a dog or have spent much time with dogs, I had just assumed that dogs are okay and they would grow on me. I read Walt Morey books (Wiki) in grade school like Kävik the Wolf Dog (Wiki) and The Lemon Meringue Dog. These books featured a sled dog and a German Shephard(?), respectively. So, I always thought I would prefer a larger dog than those small, hyper yappy things. That was until I helped Scott dog-sit this week.

Scott agreed to house-sit/dog-sit for a co-worker who is traveling for two weeks. Keegan is a cute, medium-size brown dog of some sort and Molly is a HUGE Irish Wolfhound. Keegan is hyper and needy dog requiring constant attention. Molly is sweet, gentle, and clever, but doesn't hesitate to use her size to get her way.

I've tried to keep an open mind and it has been a fun experiment, but I really can't imagine living with dogs permanently. They are like children. Maybe I'm not ready for kids either. :)

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grace said...

oh...they are precious! Good luck for the rest of the week!