Friday, June 8, 2007

taking back the streets!!!

Just in time for the Portland Rose Festival 100th anniversary grand floral parade tomorrow, the Merc led an effort this evening that could lead to brawls in the morning:

Mercury Civic Clean-Up Crew

Taping-off public property is unfair and the city should prohibit the practice (which they may do before next year). Scott and I drove-by the Merc's "Civic Clean-Up Crew" gathering this evening, but I thought it would be unwise and mean-spirited to participate (and I was chicken).

Interestingly, old fashion city pride is behind the effort to oppose parade hogs. The very people who are calling for the removal of the tape (such as myself) and also probably the least likely people to watch the long, boring parade.

What's really behind the conflict is the urban/rural conflict. The whole point of going to a civic celebration is to be with people you wouldn't normally be with. Instead, the first thing the suburbanites do is claim their property to avoid having to deal with city dwellers.

So, let's take back the streets! If you really have to reserve a good spot, then do what really is parade tradition and arrive early or camp out.

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