Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wait, Wait at the Schnitz

'Wait, Wait' at the Schnitz

Here's some of Scott's pictures:

Originally uploaded by sweber4507

Originally uploaded by sweber4507

Scott and I just got back from the taping of Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall this evening. As a regular Wait, Wait listener, I've been anticipating tonight ever since I missed their last Portland visit a few years ago. I think Scott had a good time -- although I had to explain which of the boring Saturday public radio programs this was before hand.

The taping was really interesting. Surprisingly, the live taping is not very different than what makes the air. The pace is slower, but there was more banter with the audience. I heard many in the audience share their disappointment that Paula Poundstone was not on the show. But it was great to put the familiar voices to the faces of Peter Sagal, Carl Kasell, Roy Blount, Jr., Amy Dickinson, and Adam Felber. Peter Sagal sounds so calm and rehearsed on the show, I was surprised how much he danced around his podium and gestured. The celebrity guest was Columbia Sportswear's "One Tough Mother" Gert Boyle. I can't wait to hear the show on Saturday.

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