Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Am I gay? No you have HOCD."


I followed a Google ad link from a gay blog to this hilarious website entitled "Cure HOCD with EFT". It seems too ridiculous to be true, but yes for a $12.99 payment I can receive an electronic book from an anonymous author/publisher Patrick to cure my HOCD. The website doesn't explain what HOCD is (Homosexual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?), but makes bold promises about how EFT (emotional freedom technique) will cure HOCD. Patrick is even certified and has an impressive 100% success rate:

. . . So I decided to use EFT on my remaining programming. Within a matter of a a couple weeks my inner and outer behavior had been cleared of HOCD. I was free to be me. Free to flirt and date girls. Free to fall in love, and most of all free to enjoy my life. I decided when I was finally free of this that I would share it with the world so everyone else with these struggles could release and overcome them. I became a certified EFT practitioner, and have healed 7 of 7 HOCD sufferers. The longest client took 3 weeks."

I'm certain the ex-gay industry is very concerned about the new competition.

REVISED: Oops, I initially assumed EFT stood for Electronic Funds Transfer which may have been an even more truthful representation for this gay cure technique.


CrackerLilo said...

Wow. That is absolutely beyond ridiculous. If only other ex-gay scams were so easy to spot.

Anonymous said...

HOCD is real. I have it. It has nothing to do with being gay; it's the fear that one "might" be gay.

Smiling4Now said...

I wish it was possible!!!!