Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The X Files: I Want to Believe: D

[WARNING: Spoilers]

X Files 2 Movie Poster, originally uploaded by Daniel Mallaco.

Scott, Sheena and I saw The X Files: I Want to Believe the weekend before last. As fans of the series, we were all willing to give the movie a chance. It was a little neat to see a recap of what Mulder and Scully have been up to for the last ten years. Unfortunately, we discover that both have led reclusive and uninteresting lives since their 1990s heydays. And the romantic tension of ten years ago is now merely a booty call.

It seems after ten years, Chris Carter and co. would want to give the fans something for returning. Unfortunately, this movie seemed to include all the worse cliches of the series: a silly, uninteresting story with bad dialogue. Mulder's creepy brooding has gone from mysterious young-ish guy to middle-aged man with mental issues. Scully still has doubts and still secretly tests her beliefs. And she still provides psychobabble analyses of Mulder's desire to save his sister. The not so surprising cameo was Skinner who seems to have been the only character that has been able to move-on with life since the 1990s -- or at least up the chain of command.

In additional to the character's cliches, the story has some nearly offensive stereotypes. The writers seem to have major Catholic issues by portraying a heartless Catholic hospital and a colony of pedophile priests. And the bad guys are not just homicidal foreign immigrants, but child sex abuse survivors who same-sex marry in Massachusetts.

The most disappointing aspect though was that the movie has nothing to do with the alien conspiracy storyline which is what I'm sure most people want to see. Instead, the uninteresting story is a stand alone episode that only brings out the worse of the show. It seems this movie was an attempt to fleece fans without the embarrassment of a direct-to-DVD movie, but same budget.

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