Saturday, August 30, 2008

OR Measure 57: Increases Sentences and Addiction Treatment

OR Elections: SUMMARY: This measure increases prison sentences for specified drug and property crimes as follows:

  • Trafficking of methamphetamine, heroin, “ecstasy,” or cocaine: 34 - 130 months, depending on the quantity of drugs and criminal history;
  • Aggravated theft of over $10,000 where victim is elderly: 16 - 45 months, depending on criminal history;
  • Repeat offenses of identity theft, burglary, theft, robbery, mail theft, car theft, forgery, criminal mischief, credit card and check fraud: 18 - 30 months or 24 - 36 months, depending on seriousness of crime and number of past convictions.
This measure also requires treatment for certain addicted offenders at risk of reoffending; imposes sanctions for those who refuse treatment. Limits court's ability to reduce sentences. Provides grants to counties for operation of local jails, treatment services, intensive supervision and drug courts. If this measure passes with more votes than other specified measure on this ballot to impose minimum sentences for listed crimes, this measure controls and other measure will have no effect.

If this measure passes with fewer votes than other specified measure on this ballot to impose minimum sentences for listed crimes, this measure will have no effect. See Explanatory Statement for more information.

[X] Yes

“Yes” vote increases sentences for drug trafficking (methamphetamine, heroin, “ecstasy,” cocaine), theft against elderly and specified repeat property and identity theft crimes; requires addiction treatment for certain offenders; establishes this measure as alternative to other specified measure on this ballot to impose minimum sentences for listed crimes.

Portland Mercury
Portland Tribune
Just Out

League of Women Voters
Jack Bogdanski

From Who We Are:
• OR Council of Police Assns
• Assn of OR Corrections Employees
• Assn of OR Chiefs of Police
• OR Assn of Community Corrections Directors
• Juvenile Parole Officers
• Federation of OR Parole & Probation Officers
• 27 District Attnys
• 7 Sheriffs
• OR Atty Gen Candidate John Kroger
• Community Alliance of Tenants
• Partnership for Safety and Justice
• Ainsworth UCC
Basic Rights OR
• MultCo Democrats
• Harvest House Missions
• One Voice for Childcare
• OR Consumer League
• OR Health Action Campaign
• OR Natural Resources Council ACTION
• ~6 senior groups
• ~8 labor & union groups
• ~3 officers

• OR Anti-Crime Alliance PAC (paid for argument in favor: pdf)
[_] No

“No” vote retains current laws, which provide lesser sentences for specified crimes and do not require treatment for addicted offenders.

EMO (pdf): ". . . EMO applauds the requirement for addiction treatment programs for offenders needing them, but notes that while this program is mandated by this measure, no new revenues are generated to fund this effort. . . "

The Oregonian

• Ecumenical Ministries (pdf)
OR "Family" Council
Victoria Taft
From arguments opposed (pdf):
• fmr OR Rep Kevin Mannix
• OR Anti-Crime Alliance PAC (paid for arguments opposed)
• 1 retired OSP trooper
• 1 retired sheriff sgt.
• Natl Lawyers Guild
OR Working Families Party
• ACLU (pdf): "So while the ACLU's state Board of Directors has voted to oppose both measures, that decision acknowledges that the approval of Measure 57 may be the only way to defeat Measure 61."

MY FIRST IMPRESSION: Leaning toward a yes vote. I'm not in favor of mandatory minimums laws. However, I believe this specific measure is in response to Measure 61 which is even more extreme.

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