Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can't wait for the Obama-Palin debate!

Heck have no fury like an old jilted talk show host. Here's an edited version of Dave's comments (while it's up on YouTube). Actually, some of Dave's omitted comments and quips were even harsher:

Dave makes some excellent points. Yes, the economy is getting ready to "crater", but is John McCain really needed in DC? Why doesn't he have faith in his senate collegues or his party's leader? Why after 24+ years in congress and over a year campaigning for the presidency that he has coincidentally chosen to suspend his campaign before the debate?

Since Sen. McCain somehow believes presidential decisions are made one at a time, it seems appropriate for him to send Gov. Palin to Friday's debate. As a presidency-ready candidate, she can certainly handle a debate, right?

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