Sunday, September 21, 2008

OR Treasurer

[_] Allen Alley
Republican Vision (PDF): endorsements:
"...promote the state’s use of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and wave..."
"...develop new ways to use the assets of the [Common School Fund] to get higher returns for Oregon schools..."
"...create an innovative state-operated carbon credit bank that makes Oregon a constructive force in any market-based system (cap and trade plan) to reduce CO2 emissions..."
" with financial services companies, not-for-profit organizations, and state agencies to promote the rights of homeowners and the tools available to them if they struggle to make home payments. ...determine whether the state can serve as a 'lender of last resort' in homes can be saved before foreclosure...."
Portland Mercury
The Oregonian
Victoria Taft

I could not find his actual "friends" on his campaign website.
[_] Michael Paul Marsh
No website found. In his brief voters' pamphlet statement (pdf), Marsh doesn't say what he will do as Treasurer. He does rant about Republican' and Democrats' Ivy League education, how we have voluntarily entered into a "slave relationship" with the government, the government kidnaps children, and a mark-of-the-beast conspiracy theory about Real I.D. Act.
[X] Ben Westlund
Democrat priorities: endorsements:
"...promote renewable energy and conservation reduce energy costs..."
"...calling on the Securities and Exchange Commission to require that publicly traded companies disclose emerging risks they face from increasing energy costs."
"...manage the Oregon Health Fund to ensure maximum returns and lower costs."
" school funding through the careful management of resources that benefit the Common School Fund..."
"...expanding Oregon's 529 College Savings Network."
"...wise management of Oregon's resources including the Oregon Public Safety Memorial Fund."
Just Out
The Skanner
Portland Tribune

NARAL Pro-Choice
Sierra Club
Basic Rights OR

From endorsers:
• Treasurer Randall Edwards
• fmr Treasurer Jim Hill
• Gov Ted Kulongoski
• Labor Comm. Brad Avakian
• US Sen Ron Wyden
• Suprintdt of Schools Susan Castillo
• fmr Gov Barbara Roberts
• fmr SoS Phil Keisling
• fmr SoS Norma Paulus
• Sen Pres Peter Courtney
• Speaker of the House Jeff Merkley
• US Rep Darlene Hooley
• MultCo Chair Ted Wheeler
• Portland Mayor-Elect Sam Adams
• Oregon Working Families Party
• The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
• The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
• Sen Ginny Burdick
• Rep Mary Nolan
• Credit Union Association of OR
• 19 unions and labor groups
• Planned Parenthood PAC of OR

MY FIRST IMPRESSION: I'm going to voting for Ben Westlund, the Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat.

10/03/2008: Here's Westlund's response to Alley's attack ad:


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