Saturday, September 27, 2008

Portland City Commissioner, Position #1

[X] Amanda Fritz issues: endorsements:
" for the things we need, before we start shopping for things that might be nice but aren't essential..."
"...und community policing, training and support for citizens and staff..."
" sidewalks before streetcars..."
"...Homebuyers and renters, developers and landlords all need fair, predictable, cost-effective housing policies..."
"...create new parks and maintain those we have..."
"... hold economic development projects accountable for results, particularly when tax subsidies are provided..."
" general fund allocations to economic development projects and community development small grants, and increase direct participation by all City Council members in attracting and retaining businesses..."
"...Grow and invest in our housing stock to serve middle-income, working families..."
"...Invest in and build our preK-12 educational system, our workforce training programs, and our higher education system..."
"...streamline, simplify and reduce regulatory obstacles that get in the way of businesses choosing Portland..."
"...promote the "Think Local, Buy Local" campaign in City Hall and in neighborhoods..."
"...use the buying-power of the City of Portland's $3billion budget to provide more good jobs..."
"...Amend City code so that contracts are no longer allowed to run 25% over budget before being re-authorized by the Council..."
Portland Mercury
The Oregonian
Just Out
The Skanner

Basic Rights OR Green Light
NARAL Pro-Choice Green Light
From (It's unclear to if these are primary and/or general election endorsements.):
• Mayor-elect Sam Adams
• Mayor Tom Potter
• fmr City Comm. Gretchen Kafoury
• fmr City Comm. Mike Lindberg
• fmr City Auditor Barbara Clark
• fmr City Auditor Jewel Lansing
• MultCo Democratic Party (co-endorsement)
• MultCo Republican Party
• Sierra Club
• fmr Gov Barbara Roberts
• MultCo Board Chair Ted Wheeler
• Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder
• Metro Councilor Robert Liberty
• OR Sen Avel Louise Gordly
• OR Rep Tina Kotek
• OR Rep Mary Nolan
• OR Rep Chip Shields
• fmr OR Rep Jo Ann Bowman
• 10 unions
Victoria Taft
[_] Charles Lewis
From voters' pamphlet (pdf): endorsements:
"...create jobs, make payroll and provide important services while keeping a close eye on the bottom line..."

From platform:
"...create more funding opportunities for small businesses and individuals...such as the revolving loan fund..."
"...Children’s Investment fund is an essential program..."
"...increase, twenty-minute walkable communities that put new affordable housing units near job and retail centers..."
Portland Tribune
Basic Rights OR Green Light
NARAL Pro-Choice Green Light
From supporters:
• fmr City Comm. Jim Francesconi
• MultCo Democratic Party (co-endorsement)
Jack Bogdanski: Withdrawn: " difference between him and Amanda Fritz, and so we'll be writing in somebody..."
• Rev. Chuck Currie
• fmr MultCo Comm. Serena Cruz Walsh
• Metro Pres. David Bragdon
• PDC Comm. Sal Kadri
• 1 union

MY FIRST IMPRESSION: I voted for Fritz in the primary and will support her for the general election. Her campaign website rivals in its thoroughness and details. I'm not sure how much she will be able to accomplish as 1/5th of the city council, but I agree with much of what she proposes.

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