Friday, September 26, 2008

Multnomah County Sheriff

[_] Muhammad Ra'oof
No campaign website found. From voters' pamphlet (pdf):
"...need a sheriff's office to reflect the needs and concerns facing us today."
[X] Bob Skipper
No campaign website found. From voters' pamphlet (pdf):
"...I will be fiscally responsible, honest, and word with Commissioners and public safety leaders as I continue to rebuild credibility..."
Portland Mercury
The Oregonian
The Skanner
Portland Tribune

Victoria Taft

MY FIRST IMPRESSION: I'm voting for Skipper who formerly held the office and has returned to complete scandal-prone Guisto's term. I'm glad Skipper's statement acknowledged the damage Guisto has left the office.

I'm not sure if Ra'oof's is serious about running. His handwritten voters' pamphlet statement was vague. However, I appreciate that somone at least contested what is an important office.

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Anonymous said...

I am voting for Ra'oof. He was on cable's urban vibe the other day, and wow! his message and plan for the future of sheriff's office is what the county truley needs.

Let us not forget the do nothing policy of Skipper when he was sheriff, which cost the county $200,000. I referring to a sexual harassment complaint on his watch. What about the good ole boy system he had in place. The list goes on. Skipper is no saint nor savior. How can Skipper talk about Guisto? Word to Skipper, if you live in a glasshouse don't throw stones.