Monday, September 29, 2008

Focus On The "Family" reviews Family Guy

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James Dobson's anti-gay/anti-women/anti-nonChristian/anti-everything-else-in-the-world Focus On The "Family" reviewed Family Guy ( Obviously, I would not expect a conservative Christianist group to offer a positive review of a hilariously irreverant series. However, Bob Smithouser's review is written so prudish and sterile-sounding that it's hard not to laugh:

...Creator Seth MacFarlane has no shame. He commonly relies on nudity, bloodthirsty slapstick and jokes about sodomy and bestiality to elicit chuckles from people growing desensitized to caustic cartoon humor...

Exactly! That's why it's funny.

...sociopathic toddler, Stewie (prone to spitting up homoerotic double entendres)...

LOL! I wonder how many episodes Smithouser carefully "reviewed" to write such an accurate review.

...This is must-see TV only for families that think watching a woman projectile vomit onto a kitchen table is rip-roaring fun...

....Episodes have included tasteless remarks about rape, AIDS, child molestation, bulimia, stroke-induced paralysis and people in wheelchairs—including James Brady, who was permanently disabled when an assassin tried to kill President Reagan.

OMG! I somehow missed that scene. What episode was Smithouser watching? Cartoon projectile vomiting is hilarious because IT'S A CARTOON AND NOT REAL.

...Elsewhere, the family dog has apparently had sex with a young woman and produced a human son. The hound bonds with his delinquent offspring (who says "shut up, b--ch" to Lois and beats a monkey to death, leaving it in a pool of blood) by smoking marijuana with the boy. Viewers get hit with an average of 20 profanities per episode which, factoring in commercials, amounts to a choice word every minute...

What freakin profanities is Smithouser referring to?

I love that Focus On The "Family" believes that it's followers are so sheltered within their End Times bunkers that it needs to publish reviews of secular media. Apparently, conservative Christianists are so mentally weak and impressionable that they need Dobson's approval before making their own judgments about what is funny or entertaining.

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