Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OR BOLI Commissioner

[X] Brad Avakian
From BradAvakian.com issues: endorsements:
"Develop the nation's premier renewable energy workforce..."
"Support a strong minimum wage."
"Bring together emerging industries and training centers to provide workers the skills to quickly gain long term employment."
"...streamlining the way Oregon's training centers are funded."
"Increase apprenticeship opportunities for skilled trades..."
"Restore agricultural and technical education in our public schools."
"Penalize employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants."
Portland Mercury
Just Out
The Oregonian

Sierra Club

From BradAvakian.com:
• Nat'l Organization for Women, OR Ch.
Basic Rights OR
• approx. 21 unions and labor groups
• Working Families Party
• Assoc. Gen. Contractors
• OR League of Conservation Voters
• NARAL Pro-Choice OR
[_] Pavel Goberman
From candidate's GetEnergized.com endless rant:
"...against increase salaries of Commissioner of BOLI, Attorney General and many other state employees because our nation is in bid(sic) debt...."
"...No one state government employees (sic) may have salary higher than $85,000..."
"...will enforce all laws regulating the employment of adults and minors, protection amployees (sic) and employers from violation of laws, and conduct claims investigations of violation of civil and human rights and discrimination...."
"...help businesses, create more jobs, improve productivity, increase vocational, apprenticeship and on the job training programs..."
"...develop and manufacture fire resistant wood products..."
"...prevent violations labor rules and honest investigate Complaints."
"...I do NOT accept money from no one..."
"...Organize in order to bring more immigrants to work with request of employers..."
"...Hire people on merit basis, but hire US Citizens first..."
"...Make health care, insurance and sick days affordable for all citizens..."

MY FIRST IMPRESSION: Voting for Avakian who is basically running unopposed. Goberman is a stereotypical perennial candidate who constantly appears on the ballot to express his rants.

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