Monday, September 22, 2008

OR Attorney General

[_] J Ashlee Albies
Working Families
No website found. From voters' pamphlet (pdf):
"...understand the economic and social underpinnings of crime..."
"...judges and juries need flexibility to fashion penalties that fit the crime and the criminal."
"...aggressively prosecute polluters, corporate criminals, and predatory lenders."
[_] Walter F (Walt) Brown
Pacific Green
No campaign website found. From the voters' pamphlet (pdf):
"...create a Civil Rights Division." "...form special committees to address the issues of educational funding, unemployment, healthcare, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, housing, food, and energy costs."
[X] John R. Kroger

Also won the Republican nomination by write-in (see pdf)
From priorities: endorsements:
" with the legislature and with treatment experts, police chiefs, district attorneys, and sheriffs to craft a new drug treatment and prevention program for Oregon."
"...revitalize the office’s organized crime section and get that unit focused on tackling the drug cartels"
"...strongly opposed to extending mandatory minimums to drug possession or first time property offenses."
"...hold every polluter responsible for the damage they cause to our health and our environment by seeking higher fines for violators...bring criminal charges against company executives– not just fines, but indictments and prison time..."
"...helping draft and pass [climate change] laws with real teeth to limit the damage we are doing to our world..."
" hard to block any illegal end-runs around the [Measure 49] law that ignore the will of the people and threaten our farms, forestland, and open spaces."
"...If the federal government violates the law, I will partner with environmental organizations and take them to court."
"Ensure that every single parent in the state gets the child support to which they are entitled."
"...aggressively attack fraud and abuse in the home mortgage industry..."
"...investigate abusive and undisclosed fees by credit card companies and banks..."
"...create an internet crimes task force..."
"... pursuing and holding accountable major corporations who break the law by failing to protect the confidential financial and medical information of their clients and customers."
"...aggressively enforce Oregon's new payday lending laws..."
"...My position on the Patriot Act is quite simple: we should scrap it entirely and start over from scratch."
"...I will do everything in my power to prevent conservative judges from overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade decision..."
"...I believe in same-sex marriage. ...However, the people of Oregon have rejected this position... Though I voted against this amendment, my job as Attorney General will be to defend and enforce all the laws..."
"... I strongly support this law [banning sexual orientation discrimination] and will work to see it is properly enforced. I also strongly support the new domestic partnership law ..."
Portland Mercury
The Oregonian
Just Out
The Skanner

Basic Rights OR
NARAL Pro-Choice OR
Sierra Club

From supporters:
• Atty Gen Hardy Myers
• Gov Ted Kulongoski
• fmr Gov John Kitzhaber
• fmr Gov Barbara Roberts
• Crime Victims United Pres. Steve Doell
• OR State Police Officers Assn
• Portland Police Assn
• OR Police Chiefs for Safer Communities
• OR Council of Police Assns
• Sheriffs of OR
• 32 District Attorneys
• ~19 unions
[_] James E Leuenberger
From endorsements:
"...request that the Legislative Assembly or the people...create Circuit Courts for Oregon..."
"... I will...argue that this constitutional provision [Oregon Constitution Article I] and the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution should and must be read literally. Neither provision includes an exception for felons, the insane, drug addicts, foreigners, dishonorably discharged veterans, or persons who commit domestic violence..."
Um, so anyone and everyone should have guns regardless of common sense exceptions?
"...I will not likely have the authority to make my position on life and personhood the law of the State of Oregon..."
"...I will do all that I can to put Paganism and Environmentalism in their proper place, unsupported by your money taken by the State or any of its political subdivisions..."
"...I will do everything I can to return to you your right to initiate changes to the laws without undue interference by your Secretary of State or Supreme Court..."
"... I intend to support and defend our constitutions even when doing so is awkward and the results unpleasant..."
Victoria Taft

MY FIRST IMPRESSION: Obviously John Kroger is the only serious candidate.

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