Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OR Representative (36th District)

[_] Jay A Ellefson
No campaign website found. From voters' pamphlet (pdf):
"...offers substantial tax credits for families who choose to educate their children in private, charter, or home schooling programs."
"Physicians and nurses must always be primarily accountable to their patients, not arcane governmental regulations."
"Sacred unions between individuals are a right, not a privilege."
[X] Mary Nolan
No campaign website found. Voters' pamphlet statement (pdf) lists prior accomplishments, but doesn't specify plans for her next term. endorsements:
Portland Mercury
The Oregonian

Basic Rights OR
• ACLU (pdf): 100% 2008, 100% 2007
NARAL Pro-Choice OR
Sierra Club
[_] Steve Oppenheim
No campaign website found. From voters' pamphlet (pdf):
"...see my pet peeve's become polcies"
"...allow school districts to abstain form [from?] inclusion in tax deferred zones..."
"...protect people and businesses from disgruntled people to use the powers of the State of Oregon to harass...", "...protect people from harassing use of the courts..."
"...allow the interstate highways to have the same speeds as our neighboring states.", "...allow a plus 5 MPH lane on any three lane Interstate Freeways...", "...make I-5 three lanes from Eugene to Portland, and not use the scarce highway dollars to build a I-5 behemoth Bridge."
"...allow Oregonians to deduct the costs of adoption..."
"...promote the teaching of Mandarin Chinese in Oregon's primary, and secondary schools..."
"...recognizes the regional differences of Oregon, in regards to land use, and property restrictions..."

MY FIRST IMPRESSION: I am a little disappointed that the incumbent didn't really campaign or declare her plans for the next term -- even if she doesn't have significant opposition.

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